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Do you represent a company, a school or a student association?

Connect and network

Find roommates, ask questions, create or join a club or association, discuss topics of interests and more.

” Great team to work with! Communicating with them was smooth and painless – they helped us plan and coordinate several events that would have been much more difficult to do on our own. “

Krista Victorio, IESE MBA

No more onboarding stress

Use our landing services and let us help you with housing, hiring and insurance and more.

” Studentfy has been the most helpful organization in getting settled in Barcelona! The team puts lots of effort in assisting everyone no matter what their interests are. “

Gilles Laconte, EADA MiM

Start saving money

We negotiate with local and international brands to give us special deals. Check our discounts page.

” They were not only a great facilitator with our Student Union’s events, but I also saved a lot of money during my MBA because of the discounts they have in clubs, bars, restaurants and other useful brands. “

Daniel Plata, ESADE MBA

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active members

The fastest growing international student association in Barcelona and Madrid currently with more than 20,000 active members

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events per year

Be part of the real student life! Pool parties, rooftop BBQ, football cup, Diwali party, every event you can imagine

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trips per year

Visit the most beautiful places within Spain and beyond. 2 weekly trips at affordable prices

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The best student discounts and deals available exclusively for our premium members

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