Events & Communications Made Easy

Are you a big Student Union or you handle a big community?
We can create a FREE white-label App for you, with your brand identity, content, etc. More info here

A full ticketing platform

Organizing events is a lot of fun, but there are also things that make it more stressful. With your phone or computer you will be able to create an event in seconds. They can be free or paid events, online or offline.

Anyone from your club or school will see the event in the App and they will be able to sign up or pay right there.

From your panel you will see in real time who has purchased a ticket, edit the event, send messages to the attendees, transfer your funds, use our check-in app to check people in and much more.

Read more about our ticketing platform here

Events Concierge

Tell us what type of event or what is your ideal scenario and we’ll give you recommendations on where to do it. Once you have made a decision, we’ll help you book the venue, negotiate discounts and make sure that they keep their part of the deal.

Basically, we’ll remove the boring parts of organizing an event so that you can focus on what really matters, and more importantly, so that you enjot it!

*Available in some cities

Enhanced communications

We will create a group for you and you will be able to use it as you prefer. Post news about your association, use it as a timeline of pictures for past events, ask questions or engage your community.

You will also be able to send Push Notifications to participants of your events. If there is anything urgent to communicate, you will be able to do it without spamming WhatsApp groups.